Monday, 20 November 2017

Tents - a collaborative challenge

The Filly And The Colt

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If you are not my friends or parents then get out. Thank you.

Merry Christmas! My Mum bought me this journal.
My Mum also bought me a filly! And my brother Ethan got a colt! (no this is not the colt that this book is about!) He called him Bandit. I was thinking of a name for my filly. Libby. That's her name Libby. My little cutiepie. Oh as well as my toy Poodle, Poochie and my prize Siamese cat, Tinx. P.S. I live in Upper Hutt with my Mum, Dad, Ethan and my pets.

Oh yum yums! Christmas lunch. Turkey, beef, pumpkin, and veggies. I can't wait until tonight when everybody has left and I get time for Libby. I actually can't believe that I have her. I have been begging for years for one but Mum said that I could look after hers. But finally she got me one.

My Dad also bought me some jodhpurs, riding boots, riding helmet and a horse's blanket. So yea! Mum said I have to use my pocket money to pay for the food which is annoying. Mind you I never really use it at the moment so I must have millions and millions. Okay maybe I did exaggerate a little bit but not by much. Okay by a lot but it doesn't really make a difference.

I’m Kelly James and I'm 12. Okay I only have half an hour to write. Libby has been good today. She has settled into her stall really well. We don't actually have a stall of our own but I'm going to use the money in my bank account so I can hire a stall. It’s only $5 a month! That's what you call cheap!

“Oh Mum! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Oh she's beautiful!” Kelly exclaimed.
“I'm so glad you’re pleased with her honey because she cost 10’000 dollars plus the food,” answered Mum cheerfully.
“How old will she have to be until I can ride her?” Kelly questioned her.
“Oh the owner said light riding about three years old…” said Mum.
“But Mum…” moaned Kelly.

“But the owner said since you're 12 and very light she said about 2 years old.” Mum answered cheerfully.
“Oh that's good I can wait 2 years, but not 3.” Kelly sighed with relief.
 “Here I bought you some accessories.” Dad said.
“Ooh jodhpurs, riding boots, riding helmet and a horse's blanket. Thanks Dad!” Kelly exclaimed.

Chapter 2

“Honey time to wake up you have school today.” Called Mum up the stairs.
“Mum I feel sick…” moaned Kelly.
“I'm not surprised because you spent all your night with Libby. You can have a sleep in until breakfast,” She said.
“Okay Mum,” she said as she dozed.
“HONEY BREAKFAST IS MADE!” Mum called up the stairs.
“Wha?” she asked sleepily.
“Hot pikelets and golden syrup,” mum said as Kelly quickly got her clothes on.
“Coming Mum,” she called. Soon enough she got the delightful scent of Pikelets.
“Here you go Honey.” Mum beamed.
“Thanks Mum.” She said.
Once she had had her breakfast she went to her room swept up her reading books (Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, Nancy Drew, Enid Blyton The Mysteries) writing and math books. She grabbed her school computer and she swept up her hair into a messy bun. She also grabbed her phone.
“Bye Mum,” she called.
“So early?” Mum called back.

“Yea I want to catch up with my friends before school.” She called.
“Ok then honey have a nice day.” She said as she kissed her forehead.
“Bye sis,” called 15 year old Ethan from his room.
As she ran to school she got a text from her mum that said…
“Hi darling I fed Libby and I put $5 in your bag to buy lunch. Have a lovely day.” So Kelly texted back, “Thanks Mum, also can you get Ethan to give Libby a brush.”  
When she got to school everyone was wearing mufti except her. She knew the kids would give her a hard time about that.

Chapter 3

“Urgh I completely thought to herself.”
“Ha looks like Miss James forgot her mufti clothes aye,” said Jake
“Naw she did that on purpose, she wants to be nerdy like Natasha,” Mike corrected.
“Oi leave her alone she obviously forgot about mufti being today,” said Natasha “And don't talk about me.”
“I’ll stop if you answer this,” said mike. “What's 1889 ÷ 1889=?”
“Well I definitely know don’t I!” Natasha said with a sarcastic tone.
“Ha one it equals 1 you know what that means, Natasha?”
“It means you're the nerd,” Natasha said sharply.
“Yea but it also means you are dumb,” Jake answered nastily.
“Urgh whatever,” she said.
“Come on Natasha,” said Kelly. “Let's get away from these Idiotic boys.”
“Yea ok Kelly,” Natasha answered.
“Wanna go hang out with the girls?”
Later on…
“Honey we have something to say to you,” says Mum “So we have bought that farmhouse down the road and we have a buyer for this house so we are moving out.”
“Yes yes yes yes...yahoooooooo!” Kelly screamed.

Chapter 4

“Wow this place is amazing.”
“It sure is,” answered Mum. “Go on honey and explore.”
“Ok,” Kelly said cheerfully.
The first room was a bedroom. It had a bed a walk-in-wardrobe it also had an ensuite. It had a lovely light green paint.
“Hmmm this is gonna my room.”
“And this is Ethan's,” she said about a room with light blue wallpaper with soccer balls all over it and a bed, walk-in-wardrobe, and an ensuite.
“Ohh this has to be Mum and Dad's room!” as she walked into a room with gold and silver wallpaper, a huge walk-in-wardrobe, and yet another ensuite with his and her sinks and a beautiful mirror.
 She walks down the hallway and sees two guest bedrooms, one full bathroom and two ½ bathrooms. At the end of the hall there is a beautiful door with a copper trim and copper door handle and lock.
“Ohhhh I wonder what's in here,” she says as she opens the door to a huge library full to the roof with a gigantic book case with at least 2,000 or so books. Kellys eyes are suddenly drawn to a horse book slap-bang in the middle of the book case. She pulls it out but it stops coming out. Suddenly it pulls itself back in and the book shelf splits in half and reveals a hidden staircase. For a moment she was struck dumb and looked a little like a fish. After a moment she was halfway down and getting extremely curious. Soon she was all the way down and could see something more amazing than the house itself and the money it cost combined.

Chapter 5

Kelly was standing there speechless and motionless staring at 5 beautiful thoroughbred shetland ponies and 4 crates of horse food
“Hey there,” Kelly said softly to them as she walked closer to them
“Honey can you please feed levi and libby?” Mum called from above.
“Yes Mum,” she called back.
“Honey where are you… huuu!”
“Mum look I pulled that book and the bookcase split!” she explained as her voice trailed.
“Oh my gosh” was all Mum could say, mouth open wide and she also looked a little like a fish.
“Mum look they have been…”
“Whipped,” her Mum interrupted “We have to ring the S.P.C.A.”

“No, we can’t they only take cats, dogs, rabbits and those sort of animals.”
“What do we do?”
“We are gonna have to nurse them back to health ourselves,” mum said.
“We could call the zoo?”

Chapter 6

“Yes, yes” Mum said frantically as she ran up the stairs and told Dad to ring the zoo.
“Mum the is someone coming I can hear them commi…” she said as the wall opened and revealed a Man with a black shirt with a skull on it, grey jeans, a black beanie, blond hair and a navy blue whip in hand.
“Oui whatta ya doin’ down ‘ere” the Man said cruelly
“Um well uh urgh” is all she could say.
“ gotcha tongue” the man
Mum questioned sternly “Who are you? What are you doing here?” she asked.

He turned and tried to leave but Dad stopped him in his tracks
“Hello there Jeff Andy still beating animals I see,” he said as he nodded to the horses.
“Well, well, Brian It's awful to see you again,” he said cheerfully with a creepy grin as Kelly called it.

“And Jasmine James now, you used to be Jasmine Miller didn’t you?”
“Yes,” she answered both coldly and sharply
“Police, police!” a man yelled
“Hun I thought I told you to ring the zoo!” Mum said to Dad
“Well when I heard an unknown voice I rung the police.”

“PUT YOUR HANDS UP!” called one Policeman
Everyone but the unknown man put their hands up
“Eek no please please don’t. Can I go out of the room?”
“Ok,” the policeman said.
She heard a muffled ss ssszzz and three shrieks then a ‘You're under arrest’.

Chapter 7

“Yay we can sell these and get some money,” Kelly’s Mum exclaimed still in pain from the pepper spray.
“Can we keep just one?” Kelly moaned.
“Well… ok just one since we have five,” her father said also still in pain.
“Yes!” Kelly yelled “I'm gonna name it Ace.”
“Ok then.”
“The filly and the colt.”

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